Covid Protocol

Ok a few last pieces of info for The North American Team Championships on Dec 11-12 in San Francisco, CA.

The tournament will be a MASK ON tournament! This is due to the city of San Francisco Covid standards.

Here in San Francisco, you are required to show proof of vaccination in order enter any restaurant or bar in the city! Please remember to bring your vaccination cards on your trip.

See you there!

Rule Pack, Senarios, and New Recruit

The North American Team Championships is two weeks away on December 11-12 in San Francisco, CA!!!!

Final Rule Pack and Scenarios have been posted in the “Rule Pack” tab of the website.

Lists are now due before midnight (PST) on December 1, 2021 since I have been busy with Thanksgiving and forgot to post it.

Please submit your lists on New Recruit! Below is the link for the tournament on New Recruit which you can join. All of the teams have already been created so please join the correct team. If you are confused which team you are on, please look at the “Who’s In” tab of the website. If you are having any trouble using New Recruit, please contact me directly and we will figure it out.New

Recruit Link: