Update!! Trophy and Dice!

Hey Everyone!

I am getting super stoked Pacific Rim Team GT 2019!  We are seeing some great interest and I anticipate having over 50 players this year!  Get your teams signed up soon!  We even have a team interested in coming from Mexico City!

I just created a Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/287179788813272/) and a post in the 9th Age forums (https://www.the-ninth-age.com/community/index.php?thread/48740-pacific-rim-team-gt-2019-december-7-8-san-francisco-ca-usa/)!  Please head to either location, join the Facebook event, and let the smack talking begin!

Also, I would like to formally introduce the overall champion trophy, the Fire Cup!  AKA the “Sting Ring”.  I also have a plaque to commemorate the 2018 champions, Team MFM!

I have also received in the mail the official Pacific Rim Team GT Dice!!!!  The “Sting Ring” Dice!!!  Dice will be included in your entry fee and additional dice will be for sale at the event.

See you all there!

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