Last Call for Teams!

Hey Everyone!

PacRim 2019 is 5 weeks away!  We have 6 ringers right now, so in order to get an even number of total teams, we need 4 MORE PLAYERS!  IF YOU WANT TO PLAY IN THIS YEAR’S TOURNAMENT CONTACT ME (PACFICRIMTEAMGT@GMAIL.COM) TODAY (10/31) OR TOMORROW (10/31) TO GET IN ON THE TOURNAMENT!!!!!! IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WILLING TO PLAY, HIT THEM UP!!!!!

Below are the ringers I currently have.  Please confirm with me if you are still a ringer.  IF YOUR TEAM NEEDS A RINGER AT THIS POINT LET ME KNOW ALSO!!!

  1. David Brice
  2. Matt Thurston
  3. Travis Crume
  4. Brian Henery
  5. Sean Straw
  6. Mark Ciarlone

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